Music in education

Considering how unconnected music seems from education, the need to bring them closer is more pressing now than ever, because this alienation has not only made music sterile and irrelevant but the process of education itself is lifeless and boredom inducing for the average child is expected but to be a passive recipient of a … Continue reading Music in education

Start of the new decade

2020 is the start of a new decade for all of us, and a time to take another look at the unfinished business of the past, consolidating certain aspects, renewing some and starting afresh others. In 2017 we had started the music school as a workshop to respond to different needs that could be addressed … Continue reading Start of the new decade

Music and Self Transformation

Talking about music and self transformation is always an interesting thing for me, especially when students are old enough to understand the role of music in its diverse formats, also therapeutic. Today I was back again at the department of Psychology in the Delhi University, talking to the students about these ideas. It is always … Continue reading Music and Self Transformation