2021 onward

This post welcomes newcomers into our world. Newcomers could be passers-by, new or possible students, inquiring parents, potential group members in music groups or other sort of individuals curious to understand what we are doing at Hansadhwani, in particular SwarGanga- the music school or the singing school. SwarGanga is part of the larger vision of … Continue reading 2021 onward

Addressing music teachers (the hows)

Like all relationships the relationship between music teachers and their students is a special, unusual sort. It is complex, and beautiful...unlike most relationships one has in the realm of learning. This relationship keeps morphing into new forms with every generation, being influenced by the times we live in, the technologies we employ, the frequency with … Continue reading Addressing music teachers (the hows)

Music in education

Considering how unconnected music seems from education, the need to bring them closer is more pressing now than ever, because this alienation has not only made music sterile and irrelevant but the process of education itself is lifeless and boredom inducing for the average child is expected but to be a passive recipient of a … Continue reading Music in education

Music and Self Transformation

Talking about music and self transformation is always an interesting thing for me, especially when students are old enough to understand the role of music in its diverse formats, also therapeutic. Today I was back again at the department of Psychology in the Delhi University, talking to the students about these ideas. It is always … Continue reading Music and Self Transformation